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The city of Natanz is one of the historical and central cities of Iran, located 125 kilometers northeast of Isfahan province, with an area of ​​3920 square kilometers. The city is located on the hillside of Karkas Mountains. The city of Natanz is lush and mountainous, and is famous for the gardens in the city. For many years it has been a safe place for the caravans who have crossed the city for tourism, pilgrimage and trade.

It's beneficent blessings, such as the running springs, its pleasant weather, along with the hospitality and warmth of the people, which is a common feature of Iranian people, have made it as a source of peace and tranquility for travelers and tourists throughout history.

As Natanz has been located in the main road to the north and south of the country,  had always been at the forefront of governments since thousand years ago. Karkas Mountain is a part of the northern half of the central Iranian mountain range, located in the west of Natanz. The Karkas mountains is the result of lavas that have come out through the gaps in the earth crust. Hamdollah Mostofi refers to Natanz as Nizhat al-Qalub: There is not a mountain near Natanz and is not connected to any mountain. The mountain is on the high side and even the vulture can't climb up, so it is called so.