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Arvin products specifications

The exact dimensions and thickness along with the high quality polish (for indoor use) as well as matte or shiny leather polished (for outer spaces) made by modern machines and automatic production lines

 The ability to produce granite tiles with a thickness of one centimeter which, due to lower weight, reduces transportation costs by 50%. Furthermore loading, disassembly and installation phases becomes much easier and finally the weight of the structure will be significantly reduced.

Creating a chamfered edge that makes seamless and non-rippling carpets.

Aarvin Stone Industries Company for the first time in Iran has started to implement a separate production line using the world's most modern technology to form and polish of the stone edge. This enables us to produce massive quality and beautiful sections, suitable for use on the edge of the stairs, floor surfaces and kitchen countertops.

In addition to all of these features, our special attention to lowering the cost of the product and offering an extremely competitive price, along with high quality, has put Arvin's products in a privileged position.