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Arvin  Stone Industries Co. was established in 2008 with the aim of creation and innovation in the field of mineral industry and stone processing. As a query owner, the company started its activities in the fields of exploration, extraction and processing of granite stone. Taking advantage of fully automated and modern production lines, Arvin stone produces granite tiles with a thickness of 1 cm for the first time in Iran. We use the best Polishing technology under strict quality control at all stages of the production and palletize the products according to customers' needs in accordance with world standards.

The Stone Company of Arvin factory located in Natanz, Ureh Industrial City, was built in an area of ​​30,600 square meters in 1387. The production hall of this complex is 6000 square meters including peak cutting, processing, polishing and packing machines. The entire production line is fully automatic and mechanized, which plays an important role in the superior quality of the production stones. Due to its superior polish and cutting, the product quality is unique in the country and complies with the highest world standards. The production line can produce up to 1000 square meters daily and has the ability to produce more than 300,000 square meters of granite stone per year in order to be unique in the country's stone processing industry.  



Why is Arvin the best choice?

  • Use of advanced technology by High quality European fully automatic machines, which reduces human intervention and subsequently reduces human errors in production.
  • Producing granite tiles with thickness of one centimeter reduces transportation costs by 50% due to lower weight. Furthermore loading, disassembly and installation phases, becomes much easier and the weight of the structure will be significantly reduced.
  • The exactness in the size of the product dimensions (length, width, thickness) leads to easy and high quality installation.
  •  Unique quality of Arvin polishing machines has created a new standard in the luster and visual beauty of this product in the country.
  • Smooth polish in the middle and corners, makes isometric thickness all over the product.
  • Delicate Chamfered edge of the products prevents cogged edges during transport and leads to an easier, faster and better quality installation. Ultimately the surfaces will be evenly covered.
  •  High speed production lines leads to mass production of quality products which can meet the requirements of large projects such as airports, commercial complexes, hospitals and so on.
  • Our unique expertise in shaping and polishing the edge of the stones
  • makes our products the best choice for Counter Tops as well as Stairs.




what is Stone?

  • Stone is a piece of the earth's crust, composed of one or more minerals linked together. In geology igneous rocks made from cooled molten materials are called igneous stones. The igneous stones are divided into two categories of intrusive igneous stones and outer igneous stones. Outer igneous stones are the result of a volcanic process and melting of molten material from the crater of the volcano, but internal igneous stones are shaped as a result of magma freezing inside the earth's crust. These stones are frozen in various forms in the earth's crust. Granite stones are composed of three minerals namely quartz, feldspar and mica, along with some other impurities.