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Environmental protection is the pillar of sustainable development in any country.  Mining provides material for human life and development. In many countries, environmental impacts of mining operations have been investigated and ultimately, standards for mineral activity and prevention of various contaminations have been adopted.

Considering that Iran is a developing country and it is forced to extend mines for its development, it is necessary to identify the environmental aspects of the country's mineral industry (according to the country's climate). In areas where new mines are established, there will also be environmental impacts along with flourishing. The most important indicator of mineral activity is the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Act.

Green products create less pollution for the environment. The green technology landscape is very wide, and green products are also products that, according to standard measures, have less harmful effects on the environment. It's worth noting that green technology and green products are active in attaining the goals such as: sustainability, recycling and waste reduction.

Arvin Stone Industries Company is moving in this direction to meet the current needs of the human society, which does not endanger the sustainability of natural resources. The company has put environmental protection at the forefront of mine work, including depleting old aqueducts and trying to preserve trees and greenery in the area. Also, the activities carried out at the plant include recycling 95 percent of the water needed for industrial use, the use of renewable energy for heating and electricity, tree planting and increased green coverage.